Brandname for one of world's best sports women: Marianne Vos

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Marianne Vos has a dream: To make cycling more accessible for women. She wants to achieve this to build a stage for women what is also attractive for men.

In order to create such a platform, we need to develop a brand. One so strong that it defines her vision simply, and with clarity.

Marianne’s Brand name should:
- be accessible for women
- evoke emotion and move the world
- appeal to women, but resonate equally with men.
- be cool
- be sporty
- be international
- be universal

It should also encompass these four key values:
- Connection
- Lifestyle
- Inspiration
- Passion

In addition, it’s important that the name can be communicated with a simple hand signal it (For example with love, you can make a heart with your hands)

Above all, the name needs to work when used in conjunction with a service or product. For example the brand name with love: Cycling with love, swimming with love, people with love, stories with love, events with love, clinics with love, podium with love – In this case With Love is the brandname and cycling/swimming/clinics/stories are the products of the brand.



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