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My "partner in crime" and I are very enthusiastic about starting a new, value driven recruitment agency in Q1 2015. We believe in:

* The power of diversity & diversity recruitment
* Abundance & sharing: sharing abundance with our stakeholders, including staff, clients, candidates and not-for-profit organizations
* Integrity & honesty: in our actions, advice and communication
* Sustainable relationships and business operations
* Passion & fun: we want to build warm relationships with clients and candidates and have fun
* Professionalism: we are aimed at excellence in every step we take in the recruitment process
* Transparancy: in our communication, with regard to pricing etc..

Last but not least we will offer a unique service to our candidates, namely that we are willing to meet them outside of office hours, so that they don't have to take a day of off work.

We have considered a lot of names already, but still do not have the WOW feeling. Hopefully you can provide us with an original, catchy name which reflects one or more of our values. Thanks for your help in advance!



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