Design a simplistic, tough, and luxurious looking logo for a new sports nutrition supplement brand!

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Gryphon Nutrition is a new supplement brand. And we need still need a logo! We need a simplistic logo we can put on the front of all of our products. The idea is a gryphon (the mythological beast) from the side. Maybe inside some sort of shield. The colour of the logo is mainly going to be gold. And the colour behind the logo mainly black or wine red. Since it is hard to explain I will attach some logo's that are in the same style. The company name has to fit nice. Or else just no company name is fine.

My apologies for any possible faults in the grammar or vocabulairy.


Gryphon Nutrition is a supplement brand. We (are going to) sell sports nutrition supplements. These supplements are highly dosed and there is no nonsense attached. We only sell formulas with ingrediënts that are proven to work.


Primarily people between the age of 16 and 39. Everybody who goes to the gym to workout with a goal of muscle growth. Mostly males.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

The logo needs to work in different colours. So when the background is black or wine red, the logo will be gold. For special products etc. the logo can be red, black, white etc. etc.

A couple of websites for inspiration: (This and the logo of the site below this one are kind of what we want. Simplistic and tough. But maybe add a little luxury)
- (The logo is very similar to our idea)
- (This looks very tough what I like, but its too busy. Imagine a bag or jar of their protein (fusion pro) with just a golden logo on the front. Maybe the name of the supplement)

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