Epic Pepper Icon Design

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  • Wedstrijd van: Tjarco
  • Categorie: Logo
  • Totaal budget: € 299.00
  • Datum start : 24-09-2013 18:47
  • Datum einde : 23-10-2013 18:42
  • Status : Beëindigd
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A drawing, image, piece of art of a pepper so iconic you can recognize it even when its about a centimeter small and embossed into a button. It's all about the shape of the pepper. It has to be fun, catchy with enough bravure and style to become a true visual icon (think about the Lacoste crocodile). The outline/shape has to be so recognizable that it doesn't matter how or by who it's been coloured, printed, painted, stitched, or produced using any other technique.

For this contest we would like to see a black and white version and a version using just 4 colors. PLEASE safe yourself time AND REFER TO THE ATTACHED PDF for a detailed visual description plus reference to styles and our other preferences.

- Another tip - We see lot's design that are realtisic to how a pepper looks like in shape and colour. The pepper we are lookign for doesn't has to be realistic in the sense that it can has multiple colors and have a more special design that the usual Chilli pepper shape..

- Another Color reference - We see a lot of red as the base color with hints of other colors. We would rather see Orange peppers with yellow and hints of red...


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