Lady & the Fox needs a logo.

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Lady and the Fox is a company that supplies services and logistic material for film, tv and commercials.
One of the things a new bussiness needs is of course: a logo.

We would use this logo on our car, to brand our material, bussiness cards and website ( and a facebookpage.

Under here you can read more information about who we are and what we do.


Lady and the fox are partners in life and work.
The fox is the set manager on set.
That means he helps where needed and has to be fast . He is the one that prepares the set so the first assistant and director can immediately do their jobs without having to worry about cars, tents, people in the image that don't belong, traffic control.

With the help of his assistants he makes sure the set is ready to film.

The Lady is the one that looks for all the locations of the film/serie/commercial.
She is the one that has to act like a lady . On the moment she rings doorbells , she is the face of the film and has to earn the trust of owners to use their homes/bars/.... as a film location.

When the location is chosen, she helps were needed on set and arranges all logistics features like lunch, parking, breakfast, tables, police, agreements....

Lady and the fox also rents logistics like tables, chairs, tents, coffee machines (the most important thing to start a filmset :) ), traffic signs, electricity., walkie talkies ....

When we work we always wear a walkie talkie and earpiece.


With our company we would like to approach producers to work with, location managers and other event companies that want to rent our material .

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

We are open to a lot of suggestions!

We like the colors white and orange (like a traffic cone), but these are not necessary.

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