Logo for WINTERLAND, a unique winter experience

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  • Datum start : 29-10-2012 01:23
  • Datum einde : 05-11-2012 01:18
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For an event called "Winterland" we are looking for a new logo. This event have an ice rink, christmas market, gluhweinbars, other winter attractions and many many winter/christmas decorations and lights. The logo needs to represent a unique winter experience.

We are planning to realize this event in more than one city so preferably there needs to be a city name in or below the logo and a possibility to change that. For example "Winterland Amsterdam", "Winterland Rotterdam", etc.

We want a vector logo. It may have many colors but needs also a possibility to convert it in one or two colors for certain purposes.

The logo will be used on all kinds of marketing communications, like; website, social media, posters, flyers, ice rink boarding, banners, advertisements, clothing, etc. etc.



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