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  • Totaal budget: € 369.00
  • Datum start : 25-05-2020 15:20
  • Datum einde : 19-06-2020 10:06
  • Status : Beëindigd
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We are looking for a logo that must have a neutral personal character for an interactive app that shows the beautiful places in a city in a personal way in image and sound.
Persona of the logo:
o Has hospitality in it’s DNA
o Has Humor, a gentle smile
o Know’s all the hidden secret’s in a city
o Takes care of all the hassles you do not want be bothered with …
x We would like to have a logo such as Miffy (nijntje) or Waze, a personality but not a human more an animal or character



Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

must be a person image, wich can have different emotions, as example waze, and miffy (nijntje)

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