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Het (in opstart zijnde) bedrijf IT Heroes zoekt een logo. IT Heroes is een bedrijf wat bestaat uit een groep IT specialisten die oplossingen leveren in de vorm van consultancy en software. NB: IT Heroes heeft niets met hardware te maken.

Qua thema graag aansluiten op de naam: Superhelden! Elke superheld heeft zijn eigen symbool. Wat is het symbool (logo) van de IT Heroes?

EDIT: mid-contest update!

Thank you all, I am overwhelmed by the amount of submissions! I would like to provide some specific and general feedback.

What I like about the current 5 star logo's (sorted by Score):

- Manifest: It's a very catchy logo which puts a smile to my face the instant I saw it. Even two days after submitting, it still sticks.
- Bobgun: I very much like the subtility of the hidden H which is hidden in his most recent submission
- Anneke Auer has a very strong logo going on. I am unsure about the recognizability of the H or IT in the logo, and after a week of looking
at it, it looks a bit like a logo found on clothing (jerseys).
- MrCel: I love the shape of the logo, even if it looks a bit like toyota's logo. The quality of the presentation is a bit lower than the other
- Damir: The creativity of Damir to even include a Hero-mask is charming!
- Brandbrains does a great job in providing a very simplistic but powerful logo.
- Steven banjac captures the transformers-spirit in the logo by combining characters to a strong face.
- ArhDavid has a strong advance when it comes to just drawing heroes! I am not fully convinced about the colors and style of the rest, though.

To summarize what I like:
- A subtle logo with hidden meanings;
- Blue colors
- A recognizable Hero or a strong symbol
- symmetric shapes

I hope this might inspire you all in the search for symbol of the IT Heroes!



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