Redesign of the logo Milkiland. See the logo

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  • Datum einde : 25-04-2014 14:36
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1) create a new logo Milkiland for use it as a product brand for Premium semi-hard cheese and cream-cheese, cottage cheese, butter, whole milk products, dry milk products.
2) the only constant thing to keep from the current corporate logo is the word Milkiland. All the other elements of the current logo including colour, font, etc., could be changed or removed
3) the logo should have a simple outline, shape to place it against any background of the package
4) the colors could be blue, green, white, red or any other natural colors to support the idea of dairy products

Why do we need that?
1 The corporate logo Milkiland does not fit for sales of European cheese on the markets of Ukraine, Russia, Asia and other countries.
2 It doesn’t correspond the meaning of cheese or dairy products from the Western Europe. Dutch origin is especially valuable
3 We need to compete with a German brand Hochland (Hochland Kaasland)on the Ukrainian, Russian and other Eastern markets.
4 We can compete if we have a rather Dutch name and image of the brand

The other Competitors:
Arla, Milkana, Valio, Bel, President (Lactalis), Milchland



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