A logo & corporate identity for an innovative dental webshop

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  • Datum einde : 15-08-2014 16:11
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We would like for you to design a logo and a corporate identity. The logo will be used in our webshop, and the identity in invoices and other writing documents. We would like them to show reliability, service and a sort of freshness or innovativeness.

The webshop will have different names: autoklaven-shop.de, and autoclaven-shop.nl, autoclaven-shop.be, and possibly more later. We would like a logo where this can be easily changed.


Autoklaven-shop.de started with selling sterilizers (autoclaves) in the Netherlands. Our way of working and excellent service was received so positively that we decided to attempt to generate the same feeling for potential German customers.

We are:
- Reliable
- Affordable
- Clear
- Transparent
- Flexible
- Simple
- Young
- Smart


Our target groups are German dentists, dental hygienists, prosthodontists, general practitioner, veterinarians and tattoo-shops. It is a predominantly conservative group, yet the ones going online to buy products are probably more innovative.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

We like a fresh, light blue color, and white (associates with cleanness).

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    1. Toelichting van de designer stefandekock:

      I created a circular shape, with a very bright clean core. The shape reflects on the surface with the same feel of clean brightness. Accents of light make it vivid.
      I appreciate your respons on this idea.

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