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  • Datum start : 10-01-2020 13:28
  • Datum einde : 27-01-2020 13:27
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This project is a research project with the following overall ambition; providing an answer to the main research question: How to realize scalable, transferable, smart and clean urban logistics concepts by decoupling inner-city and outer-city transport to reduce vehicle movements in the city and the use of space without emissions. For CILOLAB this means that we do not specifically focus on what happens in one particular city, but we contribute to the scalability and transferability of logistics initiatives, to (ultimately) contribute to a ZE logistics solution for all urban logistics. Thereby CILOLAB focuses on large Dutch cities and medium-sized historical cities. This knowledge is important because dutch cities strive for zero emission city logistics (abbreviated with ZES) by 2025: both the Green Deal Zero Emission City Logistics (GDZES) and the Dutch draft climate agreement work towards this objective.

Develop a logo for this research project about zero emission city logistics. The logo has to be clean and playful, which can be added to official research documents, websites, news letters etc.



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