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For a new personal coaching and training practice we need a logo and housestyle. The name of the firm is Titact. This is based on the founder's name (Tita) and on the main coaching technique (ACT). The ACT concept is all about a behavioral therapy which helps you to improve your mental flexibility so you can deal with life's setbacks in a more constructive and pro-active way. The name also refers to the term "Tact". This is an equestrian term, referring to a horse's rhythm of movement. Equine assisted coaching is part of the proposition too. Though not strictly necessary, it would be useful if some equestrian reference could be visualized (horse, trot, gallop,...). It is presently considered to write the name either as Titact, Ti-Tact or TiTact. Language is Dutch. Obviously, associations with the word 'tit' are to be avoided.



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