Small Dutch Company searches a worldwide easy to use logo and stationery style.

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logo and house style (see attachment)


Servitect is a small company (10-15 employees) situated in Groningen, The Netherlands.
Servitect is totally focused on IT Service Management, the area of organizing IT departments . So IT employees co-operate better to deliver professional IT-services to their customers.
Servitect has developed and owns two products, the ISM Method and the FSM Method which are unique in the world, wherein standardized solutions are offered to our customers.
The main product is the ISM Method (see ).
All business of Servitect is done by these two products.

Servitect as a brand is not important in the marketing. All marketing effort is put in the products into ISM and FSM.


Business to business, focussed om IT management

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

see attachment

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