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  • Wedstrijd van: BonBox
  • Categorie: Overig
  • Totaal budget: € 369.00
  • Datum start : 19-03-2021 12:35
  • Datum einde : 22-03-2021 12:34
  • Status : Beëindigd
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  • Aantal inzendingen: 48
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With BonBox people or companies can make personalised gift boxes, potentially added with presents from our webshop. These boxes are made in a very high quality with foil printing and 3D printing. They can be personalised by uploading a picture and adding written text to the box.

Many people love cats. Thus we would like a design based on cats. Is this a topic you would like to explore and participate in the contest then send in your design and maybe you will find your design being given to a cat lover!



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