Logo race car design for a brand new Motorsports company

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1. Design a cool looking logo for a race car garage in Spain (Malaga) called Mental Motorsports. I need a logo that will be big on the wall inside and outside the garage itself, as well as on a variety of race cars and dune buggy's. The logo will mostly be distributed as a sticker to put on cars and walls. But also, the company will put the logo on caps, tshirts and hoody's.

2. Design stickers on a race car. Based on your Mental Motorsports logo, for a Volkswagen Golf 6 GTI. The basic color of this car will be white. It can be fully covered with stickers to be designed. Attached you will find the design of another, competing car in the championship. I would like to leave the 'MRDC' stickers behind the front wheel and behind the back window in place as designed on this car (see pictures of similar car attached). All the rest can be changed to a new cool Mental Motorsports design.
Somewhere on the car I like to add these texts on the car:
'Malaga Race Car storage & transport'
Instagram icon '@MentalMotorsportsMalaga'

See the car design attached as an example!

I like a bull, inspired on the 'spanish torro', to be the main eye catcher of the logo. However, it should be very different than the 'red bull' logo. The bull should be strong, mean, aggresive..
The activities of Mental Motorsports will be: storage and transport of race cars, sales and rentals of race cars, trips and events on race tracks and in the mountains.


Mental Motorsports is a new company based in Malaga (Spain). Its actvities are all about motorsports and the garage. In the garage race cars will be stored, repaired and transported to different race tracks for turn key use by the owner. Further more, Mental Motorsports is involved in building dune buggy's, organising race trips, cross motor tours and so on. Last but not least is sales of race cars and buggy's, as well as renting these cars out.


Mental Motorsports will target race car owners on the race tracks in Andalusia (Spain), as well as (mainly) Dutch petrolheads that like to come to Malaga for exciting race events. Mostly men between 30 and 50 with a huge interest in cars, motorbikes and racing.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

I like to have a bull in the logo somewhere. As an eye catcher. Not only to put on cars, but also on caps, shirts and hoody's.

My biggest inspiration and example is 'Gas Monkey', the show on tv.

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