Brandname for new Mobile Hotel concept

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I'm looking for a brandname for a new Mobile Hotel concept which is now under development.
It should be a brandname for international use. The name must be usable in the English, Spanish, French and German language.


The mobile hotel concept will provide accommodation at large public events. Examples of events are Formula 1, music festivals and large exhibitions. The hotel will stay at one location for only 3-30 nights.
It's all about providing a hotel service at the exact right location near the event action. This wil improve the experience and comfort of event visitors. No more taxi's, busses or long drives to the nearest available hotel.

The accommodation consist of containers. Each container is trucked to the location and unfolds onsite to triple the original volume. Each container has 8 rooms and has it's own private sanitary facilities, wifi, housekeeping and climate control. The concept is similar in size and outfitting to the concept. Only now mobile.

The concept does not have all the extra hotel facilities like restaurant, gym, bar, large lobby etc. Just the sleeping and sanitary function. It's a self checkin room for +- 125 euro/night. Not cheap but you are sleeping at the best location without having to mis a minute of the event experience! The room can have 1 to 4 guests depending on configuration.


The hotel guest are persons with an above average budget.
This can be couples, friends, family or professionals on a short trip.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

.com domain is an absolute requirement.
Short codes for .com is possible (example: eventhotels >
numbers are allowed

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