Design a T-Shirt for our Jacketz Baked Potato Shop Amsterdam

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We awake in the morning to bake the most smashing potatoes and serve them in good spirit. Potato lovers travel from all over the world just to enjoy a Jacketz! Tripadvisor top 10. Guests often ask us if we sell t-shirts, so they can show the world how much they love us and that they have been in Jacketz Amsterdam!

Design a t-shirt that people between 16 and 55 want to wear to their festivals, parties or just roaming the streets. Seeing it is buying it. Jacketz is the trend and potatoes are hot. We are growing, so it could be a shop or city collector item. Or maybe guests should be able to wear their favourite Jacketz dish (see menu on website: It is up to you! #potatolove

Please don't throw a mr. potato head at me, be creative.


Jacketz is the first "baked potato shop" on the mainland of Europe. We serve fresh quality baked potatoes. Jacketz believes that although great food is complex, this doesn't mean you have to be all difficult about it!

A Jacketz is a large potato with a minimum weight of 460 grams ( >1lb.). The skin is crispy with flakes of sea salt, delicious and full of fibre. The potato is seasoned with original Normandy crème fraiche, extra virgin olive oil, sea salt and freshly grinded black pepper. You choose your vegan-, vegetarian-, fish- or meat filling and complete your dish by adding our selection of cheese, nut mixes, bacon bits and/or home-made sauces.


You know who those T's people are. Wearing funny, cool, arty t-shirts pretty much everywhere they go. They are tourists, home boys, students etc.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

Check our website to get a grasp of our style. There is also a lot of pics and input on Tripadvisor Jacketz Oud-West. I think the design should be white on a dark t-shirt, however that really is up to you

Mr. Love
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