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New Stationary & Logo for Tax Consultancy Office

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  • Wedstrijd van: TomiK
  • Categorie: Huisstijl
  • Totaal budget: € 305.00
  • Datum start : 13-03-2012 18:40
  • Datum einde : 23-03-2012 18:32
  • Status : Beëindigd
  • Benodigde formaten: jpg
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    laag hoog


The Design should display reliabillity, memorabillity and should be a little dynamic and timeless. The company name can be part of the Logo, but does not have to be. For more informations check the example files.


The consultancy office exists sice 1992, which was also when the old Logo was designed. Since 2005 the consultancy is managed and owned by mrs.Shultheiß. The detailed information for the stationary will be send to the contest winner after the contest ended.


Small to middle size companies, frellancers and private households.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

The logo should be re-designed with a feminine touch. Nevertheless it is important that the Design is still recognizable as the same company. Our idea was to use the colour purple for the Logo to underline the feminine toch, but alternatives are welcome as well.

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