Logo for a spectacular new concept; Nature Trendz

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Nature Trendz is the name of our latest concept; Durables (household articles) made from natural resources. In specific; our products are made of Bamboo and PLA (Corn based). Because we receive a lot of interest internationally, we like to develop this independant concept and brand.

We like the logo to be:
- Design
- Natural look and feel (the products are made of natural materials)
- Fresh
- International (we have customers all over the world)

The logo will not be used for the products yet, but will surely be in the future.
We do not want to add a webshop, just yet, but we will in the future.

Please check the product brochures on our website to see what we make: http://www.thebioplasticfactory.com/durables/


We are The Bioplastic Factory; The Bioplastic Factory is the number one specialist in packaging, disposables and DURABLES made from natural materials. Whether you need food-grade injection packaging made of corn starch, a thermoformed bagasse dish, a wood-pulp foil or a bamboo watering can, The Bioplastic Factory can help you make the right choice.

Please check our website: www.thebioplasticfactory.com


Nature Trendz is a Business to Business concept & brand. Primarily focussed on retailers and/or buyers of household products. They need to be design & 'green/eco' minded.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

Up to you...surprise and blow us away with your design... We do not want to limit you with requirements in colors..etc.

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