Fresh, modern and "crisp" logo plus house style for Fashionagency

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Fresh, "crisp", logo and housesttyle for my recently established Textileagency called STIP Modeagenturen (STIP Fashionagencies).
It'a one man show. As I will start from scratch, finances are very tight.
Housestyle will be used on business cards, letters and on the website.


Core business : selling ladies wear (mid to high range) from Italy into the Benelux. Other countries will follow if all goes well.
All collections are "Pronto Moda", available ex stock or within 15 days after order confirmation.
All collections are made in Italy.


Collections are developed for ladies between say 20 and 60 years old. Pricelevel is mid to high range and will be sold to wholesalers and retail(chains).

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

Favorite colors : Grey, orange and blue. Peferably only one of these shades is used. At the moment I tend towards the (light) grey together with white but hey, amaze me!

Apple, Nike, Youtube, LinkedIn, Twitter.

The logo, as said, should be modern, crisp, fresh, catchy and minimalistic. I'd rather have one drawn line that says it all, then an bombastic drawing.
The same goes for the lettertype.

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