Reveal your True design Ambition: Logo & House Style for a Fashion Brand

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  • Datum einde : 24-01-2013 13:06
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We need a fashionable logo and house style that is simple, elegant, profesional and portraits luxury. Furtermore, it needs to be applicable internationally.


True Ambition Amsterdam (TAA)is a middle/ high-end fashion clothing brand for woman who are not afraid to follow their true ambition.


TAA clothes are made from the riches fabrics in the world and serves the purpose to make woman of 18 years and older feel comfortable in their clothes and confident about their body, so they can focus on following their true ambition and passion.

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

Colours and designs have to be elegant and have a simple, yet luxurious fashion appeareance.

Further possibilities, yet not mandatory are:
-Letter logos such as TA, TA Amsterdam, TAA, etc.
-The use of a Lotus flower, which stands for purity, beauty, etc, (
-Something of Amsterdam incorporated

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