New brand name with Pay-off for Vitamins, Dietary supplements & Sports nutrition supplements

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  • Datum start : 02-11-2013 12:27
  • Datum einde : 16-11-2013 12:25
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Brand Name with Pay-off

New brand name for a supplier of Vitamins, Dietary supplements & Sports nutrition supplements

Communication will be directly to the consumer via the internet.
International and multi-linguistic sound
Easy to remember, positive sound, which is loaded with health and strength.

The Brand Name has to reach the end consumer this can be a power-lifter who is searching for strength with healthy and effective products for his body, a house-wife with over weight, or hard working man and women who want to have more energy for their office-days

The name has to be free from any rights or registrations.
A Pay-off has to be connected to the Brand Name



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