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  • Datum start : 26-09-2020 14:40
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The website ( is old fashioned and requires an update. The site is in three languages (UK, Dutch and German)

We would like to have a website in place that also can be read on the cell phone (automatic adjusted to the size of the screen)

It is important that we can easily add content without being an IT expert (maybe Wordpress?). For instance a recent tax news flash can be put on the front page and should automatically be placed in the news archive as well

The current web site makes it more difficult for clients/prospect to contact us. A more dominant contact form is required

Please find attached the files for further explanation of our background and requirements. We are firstly looking for an appropriate design of our website. It is clear that as next step the design needs to be translated into a running website.


We are a Dutch tax consultancy firm specialised in providing tax consultancy services to business and has offices in The Hague and Amsterdam. Our clients are Dutch and multinational companies ranging from start-up businesses to long-time established and world’s leading businesses. Our advices should be practical and understandable and clearly stipulating the ‘way forward’. We quote Abert Einstein on our website: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler”.


Our clients are companies with international operations. We provide international tax advice

Kleuren, favoriete logo's, must haves

See first attachment.

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